About Me

Dr. Steve Pearson has over forty years of experience as a veterinarian and is passionate about using that experience combined with his writing skills to help B2B companies deliver effective content marketing material. It’s a combination that allows your company to speak the language of your clients and customers with your marketing efforts.

That’s me on the right with my business partner, Dr. Phil Gault. As you can see, we enjoyed working together at Pearson Animal Hospital. I’d been a solo practitioner for 15 years before he came along.
I learned a lot during my 30 years as an owner of a private veterinary practice, including:

How to manage a small business
How to motivate employees to reach their potential
How to deal with medical supply companies
How to market our practice
How to educate clients
How to earn a profit year after year

From 2002 to 2006, I learned how to use my education and experience to benefit indigenous people in South America.


While there I learned:

How to speak Spanish
How to understand animal health issues in different cultures
How to build relationships in spite of cultural barriers
How to support a large organization as an administrator for 16 months
How to enhance animal healthcare in a third-world country

This third picture is of me as chief of staff in corporate veterinary practice.


During my six years in that position I learned:

The challenges of branding large corporations.
How to function while having authority and working under authority.
The relationships between the corporation and various animal health vendors.
How corporations market themselves.
How to leverage the advantages of the corporation to benefit patients.

Finally, a picture of me today wearing a doctor’s jacket while at my desk. I hope it conveys the advantage I can offer to your company through my experiences as a veterinarian and now as a freelance writer for the past 3 years.

As a writer, I’ve learned how to:

Write persuasive copy
Write articles and blog posts
Write white papers
Write case studies
Market my own business
Write copy for websites
Help animal health companies market their products and services

Dr. Pearson is available most of the time by phone at 256-221-8295. Or Use the Contact to let me know how Animalhealthwriter.com can help you grow your business.